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  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 333 British pounds
  • Zoom online

Service Description

What is Reiki? Dr Mikao Usui, a Japanese scholar from the 19th century, rediscovered the essence of Reiki in ancient Buddhist teachings written in Sanskrit sutras. Reiki, literally translated, means ‘Universal Life Force Energy’. Reiki is a wonderful Japanese healing method used to help reduce stress and aid relaxation, which is based on the therapist channelling natural healing energy through their hands to the clients body to aid and restore physical and emotional wellbeing. When our “life force energy” is low we are more likely to get sick or feel stressed and tired and quite commonly emotionally exhausted; if it's high we are more capable of being happy and feeling healthy. During a Reiki session, I will combine Reiki healing energy and light language. First I will start the healing process and then blend with your energy to receive intuitive messages from my healing guides. Fully clothed in a comfortable chair or lying on a massage table with your eyes closed, whichever you prefer, you will feel relaxed and may even drift off to sleep. Some of my clients drift into a light sleep, others speak – let yourself be carried away by your desires and emotions. The sensations are different for each person and occasion. You may feel nothing physically except a state of well-being and relaxation. Some people feel heat, tingling, or have images coming to them. Sometimes the body reacts by sneezing, laughing, creating spasms. Feel free to talk and let your emotions speak during or after the session. After the end of the session, still working with my healing guides, I will give you a short summary, addressing your concerns and the issues found during the session. I encourage clients to rest after a Reiki session, as many clients want to sleep afterwards and the healing process will continue. Sometimes the full effect will be noticed weeks after a session since the healing starts from within the soul and works out. Although an immediate sense of peace and relaxation will typically be felt during your initial session, some of you might need 3 to 4 sessions to help issues & conditions that you’ve suffered from for a while. Long term imbalances in the body usually require multiple treatments to allow the body to reach the level of relaxation necessary for the healing energy to help restore its balance.

Cancellation Policy

When you book an appointment with Cindy you are agreeing to the following terms: *You are at least 18 years old. *Payment for the session is due in advance. *Cancellations will be honoured up to 48 hours prior to your appointment time for a full refund. *No shows will be charged full price and are not entitled to any refund. While I honour and am empathetic to the fact that there are many things that can come up in our day to day lives, I cannot absorb the financial or logistical responsibility of last-minute cancellations or schedule changes. My Higher Self begins to work with clients at night before our session and the energetic exchange begins before we even get into our sacred session together. Please know, I am quite firm with my boundaries to honour the integrity of this work. Thank you for understanding! I look forward to meeting you!! If you have any questions about my cancellation and refund policy please email BEFORE scheduling your session.

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