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Reiki is a Japanese word that means "universal lifeforce". "Rei" stands for Universal, "ki" stands for energy.

Reiki is one of the most popular energy healing modalities to date. It is used to restore harmony to the mind, body and spirit, reduce stress and provide complementary support to any medical treatments and health conditions. By using gentle touch, the energy in your body will be replenished, leaving you to feel balanced and lighter. It is 100% safe for anyone (including pregnant women) to receive. In the UK, Reiki is even offered at some hospitals (St George’s Hospital, London) as a tool to speed up recovery and provide relaxation to their patients. There is no belief system attached to Reiki so anyone can feel comfortable receiving Reiki. The only requirements to receive Reiki is to keep an open mind and to have the desire to heal your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional well-being.

Within this Reiki healing event, we strengthen and elucidate the brightness of your soul and connect you to your heart. We open the heart of the self and connect it to your own wisdom connection. Regardless of life stage, we strengthen the fractured bonds of love, self acceptance, self care and compassion.

These are the fundamental tenants and underlying structure to all healing. Regular sessions build your self-esteem so that you feel more confident to cope with challenges in your life. Reiki energy healing empowers you to be more in control and inspired to make positive changes. Some people describe it as a process of waking up to themselves, to their own power. They feel more connected and aware of their emotions, spirituality and the universal energy around them. When we love ourselves, we love others freely & without attachment.

Just for today, I will not worry.

Just for today, I will not be angry.

Just for today, I will be grateful.

Just for today, I will do my work honestly.

Just for today, I will be kind to every living thing.

Spoken or sung, Light Language is a language of benevolent love and light. It is made up of many different dialects. Someof these dialects are ancient languages, star languages or angelic codes.

Light Language is the Galactic Language of Love and Light. For those who hear it (and speak it), it is encoded with healingfrequencies, DNA activation and it can be used for healing, attunement, meditation and alignment…

If you are ever spoken to in a Light Language, you will feel its vibrations, even if you do not understand what it is doing.Some say it looks familiar, as if from a distant past. Some cry when they hear it.

It is not necessary to "understand" what is said (that is the most difficult for our Cartesian and logical brains) - it is enoughto have an intention of healing or to harmonise with the intention of facilitating the flow of energy to the right place inyour energy structure.

Light Language is a healing gift from higher dimensional frequencies. Words are made of energy, sounds and vibrations.The same is true for written Light Language and for Light Language in the form of what is called Sacred Geometry.

Light language healing include:

  • Releases Stuck or Blocked Energy - It releases areas of tension and discordances from your body, mind, and spirit by speaking telepathically and directly to your heart and soul, to your entire being.

  • DNA Activation - It initiates DNA activation. This releases forgotten, or dormant, gifts from this or other lifetimes, and allows you to better access and express these parts of yourself in your everyday experience.

  • Activates the Pineal Gland - It activates the pineal gland, which helps you interpret abstract information that is the language of soul and Spirit. This can assist greatly in facilitating life changes.

  • Higher Dimensional Access - It can initiate the experience of higher dimensional access and anchoring. It opens telepathic channels, simultaneously opening all subtle communication channels. Essentially, it accelerates Ascension and your ability to bring the light of your soul into this body and this dimensional experience

Everything in the Universe is energy. I believe Reiki and Light Language are simply different modalities of channelling Universal energy.

During the session, Reiki and Light Language work together to clear blockages and straighten out the imbalances in the chakras to allow Ki (energy) to flow freely and smoothly. Once Ki flows smoothly, we feel more energised, balanced, and alive. Our own tissues and organs can also complete their own healing process.

Light Language brings through new frequencies from the cosmos and accelerates the healing process. In my experience, the combination of Light Language in my Reiki sessions has increased the speed of healing and the effects can be felt almost instantaneously.

What Happens During a Reiki Session?

At the appropriate time, you will be invited to lay on top of the massage table for a body scan of your energy field for an evaluation. From there, I will determine which area(s) within your body needs the most time and attention. A variety of Reiki tools are applied to bring the energy levels back into balance. Clients leave feeling lighter, more relaxed, balanced, and inspired. We urge you to drink lots of water and have a slow, easy, and relaxing rest of your day. If meeting for an in-person session is not possible, a distance Reiki session is available too.

For New Clients:

At least 3-5 Reiki sessions are recommended for a real breakthrough in healing. 

For your first treatment, I’d like to kindly suggest that you select at least a 90-minute session so we can give you a full assessment and set focuses for your future treatments. 

After that, a 60-minute follow-up sessions should get you squared away.

For Your Appointment:

For in-person appointments, please arrive on time so you can enjoy the full session. And be sure to wear comfortable clothing that will not restrict your relaxation during the treatment. Please note that you will likely be energetically detoxing still after your session so you’ll likely just want to take it easy the rest of the day and evening.

If it is not possible to rest, you may also go about your day as usual after our initial chat but you may not be able to be as in tune with the experience, and external factors such as hearing someone argue on the phone could add more stress to your body and take away from the healing needed.

After Your Appointment:

Energy work from a Reiki session can continue working in your body for up to two days. 

As a suggestion, it’s best to limit your consumption of red meat, alcohol, any recreational drugs, caffeine, and processed sugar during these few days after your treatment.

Reiki 600x600-3 copy.jpg

60 Minutes

(Best for follow-ups)


About 282 $


(3 x 60 Minute Sessions, 3 month validity)

£525 (668 $)

90 Minutes

(Best for first sessions)

About 424 $


(5 x 60 Minute Sessions, 6 month validity)

£750 (954$)

Cindy is not offering private session at this time, focusing on Reiki groups. If you are a current client, please contact us.

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