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Trance Healing & upgrade to the New Earth high frequency energies to remove unconscious blocks and limiting patterns, programs and beliefs. So you can create more wealth, improve your health, have healthier relationships and quantum shift into soul aligned realities.

Through New Earth Healing 2.0 we get to remove what is no longer serving so that you can embody the true essence of your soul and live a fulfilled life in alignment with your values.

Are you struggling with repeated patterns and behaviours that block your financial abundance, your health, and/or your relationships?


Do you feel you have done a lot of healing and self-development yet there are some things that are just not shifting?


Do you feel blocked when it comes to trusting yourself and your intuition more and wish you could communicate with your Spirit Guides without doubting what you're receiving?


Are you afraid of being judged by other people, especially when it comes to spirituality and your gifts and abilities?


Have you noticed that the same patterns continue repeating in your life, especially when it comes to money, relationships and/or offering your soul gifts to the world?

This powerful session will help you:

🪷 The ability to be aware of the "blocked" vibrations and to put them back in motion in order to release them definitively;


🪷 Reconnection with your true nature in order to manifest your highest potentials.

🪷 Remove subconscious and unconscious blocks and limiting patterns, programs and beliefs so you can create more wealth, improve your health, have healthier relationships and quantum shift into soul aligned realities.

🪷 A permanent energetic upgrade of your auric field resulting in a radical realignment of your energetic composition.


🪷A permanent clearing of your old time energy field so you can fully embrace your dharma and handle the new energy demands of the new Earth frequencies.


🪷The energetic upgrade of your soul’s blueprint to hold and draw in substantial Golden Energy from the Earth as well, resulting in the ability to live in deep authenticity with sharp focus on your spiritual destiny.


🪷​ The release of old wounds and trauma, cleanse stuck emotions and habits that restrain you, and welcome in joyful balance and confidence.


🪷 ​Attracting fulfilling relationships, diffusing energy vampires, and feeling complete as you are, without feeling guilty or sacrificing your soul


🪷 ​Letting go of what no longer serves you, connect with crystal clarity to your desires, and manifesting an exciting life you love


🪷 ​Being consciously into service to support the foundation and integration of the Golden Age.


🪷 ​Taking ownership of your energy field and owning your Sovereignty.


🪷 ​Fiercely and unapologetically OWNING YOUR TRUTH!

🪷 Heal ancestral patterns, childhood wounds and societal programs on a DNA level so you can:

- Fully embody your higher-self and create a soul aligned reality.

- Magnetise more wealth.

- Create more freedom.

- Cultivate healthier relationships.

- Trust yourself and your intuition more.

- Feel more confident to show up authentically in the world with no fear of being judged by others.

🪷 Get a home task guide from Cindy so you can take aligned action once the session is finished to ensure the session's results are long term. 

🪷 Access to session recording so you can receive further insights and wisdom from watching the replay.

🪷Please note, depending on your goals and where you're at in your journey more than one session may be needed.