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Who are the Indigo adults?

During the 80s, Nancy Ann Tappe, an American therapist who could read the colour of people's auras, began to observe the appearance of the colour indigo in the energy field of certain children she met. She had never seen this before, hence the term “indigo child”. For her, this was a sign of a change in global consciousness.The colour Indigo is the colour of the third eye chakra, the energy centre inside the head, located between the two eyebrows.

From a young age we have the feeling of being on Earth to accomplish a mission, a deep feeling from which we cannot divert our attention (some have been able, however, to forget it completely). We feel different, foreign to this world in which we often have great difficulty adapting, especially in our youth when we couldn’t understand who we were. We have a "warrior" spirit because our common goal is to dismantle old systems that no longer serve humanity. We are here to help take down systems that lack integrity. We do not support lies or corruption. We are honest, wise, fair and authentic.

Having difficult missions to dismantle the “matrix” in place, and to create a new, more Conscious World, we need a great determination to see through the illusion and dare to propose the change and to denounce those who do not want that change. Individuals who refuse change and evolution and who desire conformity, are often in conflict with us.. Often diagnosed with “psychiatric disorders” (attention deficit, hyperactivity, hypersensitivity, autism or even bipolarity), Indigos, if they are drugged with medication, can lose their sensitivity, their fighting spirit and their spiritual abilities and forget themselves in the Matrix just like other humans. Some of us may also turn to alcohol or drugs, or even think about suicide (which is very common). This is largely the reason for writing this article, in order to provide a beginning of understanding to adults who may suffer from a difference which today must be put into words in order to allow them to access a higher level of cellular awakening for the rest of their lives.

This is a largely simplified explanation base in order to adapt to consciousnesses beginning their awakening.

Do you think you are an Indigo Adult?

  • You grew up with the feeling of being an extraterrestrial, of not belonging to this world.

This is the most characteristic point of the Indigos: to feel foreign to this world, feeling of not being in one's place and of coming from elsewhere, "of being an extra-terrestrial" as you will often say, without knowing that there is a great deal of truth in this feelings (we will see this below). You feel so different from others. You see so many things, understand so many things, that you don't understand how it is possible that others don't see what you see. You don't understand why you are here, among so much unconsciousness, cruelty, misfortune, lack of love, disrespect for nature and the animals that are so dear to you.

  • You have an uncontrollable need to “change the world” and a feeling of having a “mission”

You have since very young the feeling of being “missionary”, of being here on Earth for a very specific reason, even if you cannot always explain it. Often, you do not understand your mission until adulthood. It is often very painful because you very often feel misunderstood. You feel that you have something to achieve, something important, so important, that it is the only thing that interests you. You can't manage to live like everyone else, to be satisfied with a "normal" life or a job that would bring nothing to the world. Others may find you pretentious or "weird", because you can't manage to live like others, to laugh at the same things, to have fun at the same things. You fail to understand those who can live, without asking questions or wanting to change what is wrong on Earth. You feel a force that pushes you, a kind of destiny you have, to carry out your mission, from which you cannot look away. You cannot imagine for a single second dying without having added value to the Earth.

  • Hypersensitivity

You are hypersensitive, all your senses are hyper-developed, which can make you suffer enormously as long as you do not understand why this is so, and especially if you compare yourself to other humans and if you live in a society that does not honour sensitivity but rather ridicules it.

  • Developed extra sensory abilities (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, innate internal knowledge)

As all your senses are hyper-developed, you also have your "spiritual" senses more developed than the average human. Thus, you are often capable of clairvoyance (visions of the future, premonitory dreams, feeling to see through situations and people), clairsentience (feeling things innately), clairaudience (hearing voices), and Claircognizance (knowing internal innate, an internal wisdom possessed from birth and which can be exacerbated over the years).

  • Feel the vibrations of others, as well as animals, plants, nature

First and foremost, we are energetic beings. We have a physical body, but also an astral, etheric, and many other multidimensional bodies. We are all multidimensional and vibrational beings. We all can measure the vibration of everyone, of every living being as well as of every object. Indigos, with our highly developed extra sensory abilities, feel the vibrations of everything around us, which can be very destabilising when we do not understand why this is so and what is happening. The majority of humans so far (this is gradually changing) not being in a positive vibration, we very often feel "emptied" and psychologically exhausted when we associate with other humans or public places. On the other hand, we feel terribly well in the presence of animals which hold a very high vibration (same for plants, stones and nature in general).

  • Permanent search and feeling of connection with something bigger than you, the divine, the universe

You feel that you are part of a whole, that you are guided by something bigger than yourself, that the reality is very different from what you have been told on a daily basis since birth, and even from what is said in religions. You do not support the idea of ​​separation of humans from each other according to their religion / race / social status and have understood that religion is an invention of Man in order to divide and not to unite. You so wish that all humans understand that they are all part of this whole, that we are all connected to this same source which has neither sex nor human appearance (even if there may have been messengers from this source of any form and origin throughout history). You need to connect to this energy of light, to the universe. You are very attracted to the stars and the cosmos. You feel a connection to astrology, other planets and are often interested in extraterrestrial phenomena.

  • Need to be alone and to be connected to yourself and to “Source”

You will often believe yourself to be "associable" and will often be invaded by a deep guilt for having so much need to isolate yourself. Others often find you once again "weird" because you have trouble with crowds or movements of the crowd, to follow the mold, to be a "sheep", to do "like everyone else". You find it difficult to be around other humans for too long (unless they are people you admire or love deeply and with a high vibration). You need to regularly recharge, reconnect to yourself, which is just another way of saying to reconnect to the “source” of your provenance. When you are not connected to this source, you do not feel in alignment and you feel it, according to the negative emotions you feel (sadness, despair, anger, etc.). You seek harmony again, and this harmony can only be achieved for you by being alone or in the presence of animals or beings of elements with high energetic vibration (music, water, places…). Moreover, you feel like you are "guided" by something external and invisible, which you sometimes calls "guardian angels" for example. You feel you are not alone, even though you feel very alone on Earth.

  • Need to live your inner truth

Despite the education that you will have had, or all that others will do around you, you will always feel the need to live your inner truth. You are an authentic being. You can't stand pretense, and sees completely through social phenomena and fashions that you know how to analyse perfectly well. You do not want to live according to anyone's ideologies, except your own, your own values and your own truths, even if for that it is necessary to go against others. Moreover, for these reasons, it will very often be very “different” from the others on many levels. It will often even be rejected by those who do not understand it and who still need to place each individual in a predefined box.

  • Do not put up with injustice, wickedness, lies and corruption – Be honest

Indigo has zero tolerance for injustice, lies and corruption. You were born with deep values ​​that you are unable to corrupt, which will often lead to you being called a “kill joy” or “too serious”. You always take the defense of the weakest, it is instinctive, even if for that you must put your own life or your own reputation at stake. You are incapable of lying or a very bad liar. You have a strong distaste for any form of deception whatsoever. While most of humans around you, from an early age, are easily seduced by deception, lies, the search for domination over the weakest, and the pleasure this gives them; this puts you in a very strong state of rebellion and anger, and this can even put you in difficult situations (disputes, fights) and forms of conflict at school or at work because you cannot stand the lack of human values much less wickedness and deceit.

Indigos resent being lied to and can't stand condescension and lack of values ​​and respect.

  • Need to feel free

Indigo have a strong need for independence and to feel completely free in their choices. You have a hard time with authority and hierarchy if they do not represent high values and are fair in your eyes. You want to be guided, but only if it comes from people you deeply esteem and trust. Possessing a powerful laser of discernment, able to see through people, you will not bear to submit to anyone who is not an example of harmony and love himself.

This has the consequence that the Indigos have sometimes been rebellious children, who could sometimes even fail at school by refusing to submit to the teachers they considered “unworthy” to teach; despite their great abilities.

  • Precocity

Indigo are often bored in school and bored very quickly in general, because their brain often works very quickly, they creates faster in their head than they have the physical capacity to achieve what the would like. At school, you were bored. With others, you are often bored too. You are so fast that you are often able to finish other people's sentences in your head in advance and predict their responses and behaviours. Everything seems very slow to you. You are often impatient. Nothing goes as fast as you would like. You often have great logic. You may also have felt the sensation of shame, very young, to understand so many things compared to your comrades and to have this form of "wisdom", a quality which is not really valued at school nor seen as something “popular” (as opposed to doing stupid things or being a dunce). Indigos will therefore very often suffer from both these symptoms but also in addition to being rejected by others, misunderstood, and the feeling of being “abnormal”.

  • Need to love and be loved

For indigos, life on Earth could be so simple and so beautiful. They don't understand why humans make wars; conflicts, lies, manipulation, destruction. You understands that the most important thing is love. You like to love, but you feel so alone and so misunderstood that it is often difficult for you to love humans. Conversely, you are very linked to animals which are precisely the representation of the unconditional love you would dream of seeing in the world. You often suffers a lot from the lack of love, you are often choosing to incarnate in unawakened families precisely to open their consciences. Once again, this lack of love felt is above all a lack of understanding on the part of other humans, and this famous feeling of being alone, so different, and not recognised at its true value. But you are very guided and very protected (on other subtle planes, by invisible entities) which fortunately will give you many signs in your life that you are not alone. You will feel loved but by an invisible force and entities (or even visible to you), and this love, this connection to source will be what will make you “hold on”, in this chaotic world and so different from you, in which you are propelled. At certain key points in your individual development, you will be brought into contact with other Indigos and human guides who will help you understand who you are and why you are here, which will often be experienced as a great moment of liberation.

  • Need to Harmonise and create beauty in you and around you

Indigos have this need to live in harmony. You can't stand conflict. You need to see beauty, and if you don't see it, to create it. You do not understand people who resign themselves to living in darkness, or rather in the absence of light and in the absence of beauty, which they too could create. You see so much beauty on Earth, among animals, plants, nature, the sea, mountains... You do not understand that so many people cannot even be amazed by all this perfection, or even want to trash it. You seek harmony also in your own life, in your own body and to be in harmony with yourself. You are often an artist, due to your hypersensitivity. You love to create, and overflows with imagination and creativity. You die inside if you do not create or if you are not in an environment representing harmony and beauty.

  • Feeling “abnormal” and self-rejection

Of course, the biggest difficulty to overcome for an indigos are to overcome doubt, and the feeling of having a problem, because that is what society and those around them will send back to them as a message for a good part of their life. Indigo will therefore often reject themselves and will wish deep down not to be who they are and to simply be someone "normal", to end all that they feel, which makes them think that 'they are crazy". they consider everything they are as a “punishment”. They generally have a very difficult childhood. On the other hand, Indigos are therefore endowed with a very great inner strength, due to this obligation that they have had since childhood to fight to be themselves, in a society that does not encourage anything of this kind. Once Indigos understand who they are and why they are like this, then their inner strength increases tenfold and there they enter into their full power and the realisation of their life mission.

  • Perseverance

You are endowed with an extraordinary strength of perseverance and internal determination. It is often associated with “pretentiousness” or an oversized ego. It is true that indigo has a very present ego, but it is more like a means of survival for them. As we have just seen, Indigos, having to fight psychologically against many humans since birth to remain who they are, has developed a great internal strength (even if they do not always realize it). So when you know what you want, nothing can stop you. You doe not need anyone to “motivate” you to do something, even in the face of large-scale projects. You do not get discouraged quickly and are not afraid of difficulty or effort, compared to the majority of humans. When you achieve great things, you will often be said to be lucky, which will often make you feel even more misunderstood. But it is part of the evolution of Indigos to learn to overcome the gaze of others and their lack of openness and awareness. You will learn that you must focus on your life mission and your own happiness, in order to be able to stay in a high vibration and thus be able to benefit the whole planet (which you have come to do).

  • Sometimes Special Diet

Indigos often experience a revulsion or difficulty in the face of eating animals, which they consider to be their fellow human beings and for which they feel a very strong love and innate bond. Society and those around them will once again try to make them feel abnormal for thinking and acting this way; our society considers that all animals are on earth to be used by Man as he sees fit, even if it means subjecting them to the worst atrocities, which is the case today in our food industry. Vegetarianism and veganism (willingness to no longer kill and eat animals) has taken on greater and greater importance in recent years throughout the world, quite simply because more and more Indigo children who have become adults are now asserting their values and new children are born and grow up with increasingly evolved consciousnesses. Raised in a Caribbean family in France has made me a strong carnivore. Since my spiritual awakening my body has been slowly rejecting animal products. The same has happened with drinking alcohol which I stopped since 2019. For someone who loves and has studied wines it seems strange I can tell you.

  • Feel strong anxiety attacks in the face of separations

Indigos being, beings of pure love do not support separation with their loves ones. The idea that a being (human or animal) they love could disappear puts them in a state of deep sadness. They can't stand goodbyes, farewells, separations, bereavements. Being more hypersensitive they have much more difficulty in supporting separations than the average human.

  • Seeing “utopian” visions

Indigos being "missionary" and deeply "visionary", will often be taxed as utopian because their visions often exceed what the majority of humans think achievable (conditioned on the contrary to accept everything and to resign themselves, which is the opposite of indigo). More and more Indigos want, for example, to put an end to animal suffering, they want to put an end to human poverty, they want to invent ways to clean the pollution of the sea, they want to eradicate certain diseases, make new technological inventions with the aim of advancing humanity… Indigos have big plans, visions that may seem utopian once again to most people but which for them are totally achievable and which they know they will achieve. , feeling deeply that this is their mission here on Earth. Indigos will therefore have to acquire great inner strength once again to believe in their visions when no one else will (which will often be the case, especially at the beginning when they will have everything to prove). They will also often be judged “egocentric” which can make them suffer because their motivations and their inner call are precisely totally opposed to selfishness. They are "called" and "programmed" to carry out their mission and if they doe not accomplish it, the can sink into depression, addictions, illness.

Where do Indigos come from?

Indigo children (many adults today) came from other planets and constellations and have come to assist humanity in their Ascension and Consciousness release phase. Humanity must today wake up to the reality of the extra-terrestrial presence and the fact that multiple races exist in the Universe and in the multiverses, some positive, some negative.

The term indigo is often associated with the term “Starseed” which also represents souls not originating from Earth, who have come to assist in this crucial period of awakening of consciousness for humanity.

The indigos and Starseeds have particular missions and are being reactivated today by a cellular awakening to their true identity and gradually to their respective missions.

Cindy is a spiritual coach, trance healer and Reiki master teacher who works mainly in an alter states of consciousness. You can work with her by joining her New Earth Healing mentorship program.

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