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The New Children (channelled by Michelle Eloff)

Many children have come to the earth plane in the past 25 years or so. All of these souls are bringing light and new energy to your planet. These children have been named in many ways. Some of them are called Indigo children. Others are called Crystal children and the latest arrivals are called Golden children.

Their name comes from the colours that swirl in their energy fields. First, there were the Indigo children. They are the forerunners in the great change. They have come to break down certain systems that do not support the awakening of consciousness. They came to break systems based on fear and control. Some have called them the "system breakers" of your world.

These children – many of whom are adults now – have had to deal with very intense experiences. Their experience allowed them to bring new consciousness, as they deviated from old ways, changing paradigms at an accelerated rate. The Indigo Children are there to assist the Golden Children who arrive in droves.

The Crystal Children also have a very special and powerful vibration. Their task is to awaken the spirit – to stretch it beyond the parameters to which society has become accustomed. They adjust the energy at an accelerated rate, forcing the mind to accept concepts that have never been discussed before. The union of the Indigo Children and the Crystal Children is evident in the breakthrough of a vast amount of wisdom used to spread messages through your media. It has been very stimulating to see how the media uses words and texts that have been contributed by the sages and masters of your world.

Crystal children possess the frequency that forces, in a sense, out of the victim state of mind – out of denial. They're not very tolerant of "stories", in that you don't tell them the truth about your feelings; that you are not being clear about your real intentions or motivations that justify your actions. The Golden children are those for whom we have come to speak especially this evening. These souls come into service to support the foundation and true arrival of the Golden Age. And Kuthumi said that children don't have blueprints as you know; they have “gold prints” (untranslatable pun based on the colours blue and gold).

Their task here is of vital importance, for many of the Golden children are highly evolved, ascended beings, taking human form once more to assist Gaia on her journey of transformation. And this journey of transformation is part of your plan – part of what you have come to experience in order to evolve even more and understand the world that you will leave behind when you choose to move forward.

Your children have all chosen you for specific purposes – not just for your qualities as a soul or your characteristics as a person, but for your genetic code. When these children decide to take shape, they also support their “parents-to-be” in the intense processes of rebuilding the genetic programs with which they entered this lifetime.

These souls have very specific plans, as I have said before. So they need a very strong foundation on which they can build the structure of their own lives. Those who don't understand the energy of the new children – Indigo, Crystal, as well as the Golden children – have tagged those children who are considered either hyperactive or what you may know – Hyperactivity Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder, or Attention Deficit Disorder. We can safely say that at least 92% of these children were misdiagnosed. Their energy is so different from what the previous generation is used to seeing that they are totally misunderstood. This caused violent disruptions in their energy fields. However, there is always reason at the heart of madness and these souls also offer the gift of enlightenment to humanity by showing them that they are not dysfunctional, but are, in truth, simply different.

They came to show the world that a new path must be found – that it must be found – so that the consciousness of humanity can survive the changes that you are all facing at this time. These children have very strong wills, especially the Golden children. They come into this world knowing precisely who they are and why they are here. The next time you are in the company of a small child – a baby or a toddler – take some time to make eye contact with that child. Look deep into his eyes and make contact. You will be amazed by what you will see in the eyes of these children: their wisdom, their integrity, their confidence and of course, their power.

The Golden children are there to close the door on the old age; to take all of humanity into the new age – the Golden Age. All of the old reincarnated souls, lightworkers that I accompany today, are prepared or preparing for the arrival of these children – Indigos, Crystal and the Gold children. It has been a very difficult path for many of you. you, especially if you grew up like me in homes where religious beliefs were kept in the shadows. However, the effort was worth it and it is because of your efforts – your generation's efforts to survive – that these souls are coming in numbers, connected as they are.

The more these children come to our Earth, the more energy you can observe. They emit very pure vibrations of light and energy and their ability to love is beyond what you can imagine. These children are much more advanced than you were at their age and you can see that the Crystal and Golden children are even more advanced than the Indigo children were – and age-wise there is no a lot of difference – a gap of about 15 to 25 years; and in time, believe me, it's a very small gap.

New babies – many of them – already say words almost clearly before they are 18 months old. Their ability to conceptualise ideas is quite phenomenal. Their motor skills are highly developed and their senses even more refined. These children are so aware of who they are that they do not allow those around them to deny their own truth. Those who are the parents of these children notice that their child will show them exactly when they will deny their own truth. Their quirks and moods aren't just because they might be uncomfortable or sad; they express what you are not.

They will show you the aspects you have forgotten about yourself and remind you of the truth of the divine plan to which you have consented – to be of service. And as the days go by, you get ever closer to enlightenment. And these souls arrive, almost “unexpectedly” for many “parents in the making”. In truth, no form of contraception can prevent these souls from coming. There are even stories of conception after the husband had a vasectomy, or the mother-to-be had her tubes tied. Cases have even been recorded in your medical journals: one case, in particular, where a woman had a child when she didn't even have ovaries. She didn't just conceive one child – she had three in three different pregnancies. This proves the determination of these souls….

The Golden children will also activate a whole new awareness of how society views street children. Through the influence of their energy, many will be inspired and motivated to build centres where these children can be brought and supported to a true understanding of the science of life, where they can heal themselves and find the divine qualities within themselves, to build their lives and build their future.

These children are here to change the masses and are being born all over the world. However, a number of them are currently being born in South Africa, as well as in Great Britain. This is part of the base chakra and crown chakra support process. The old history of Camelot is reactivated in the consciousness of humanity and these new children are connected to the time of Camelot; many of them had incarnations at that time, or were involved in some way with the creation of the energy and still hold within their bodies many truth code programs of the light systems.

The reason for this is that King Arthur allowed humanity then to explore life – to find their truth and to live their truth without any form of judgement; without anyone imposing their will on another. And this honourable system must again be reactivated.

Everyone should be honoured in their truth of who they are and what they believe. The killings that take place because of belief or disbelief must stop and just as thousands and thousands of people lost their lives in the days of Camelot and its fall, hundreds of thousands of people continue to lose their lives because of religious intolerance; for these truths threaten the ego.

The Golden children show the Golden Way and show that the Golden Way is the way of all truths – not just one. Whatever your truth is, it is in truth, one with Universal Truth. Also, many people speak different languages, and yet speak the same language. The Gold children will bring this to the conscious realisation of humanity. They are there to overthrow everything. They are the future leaders of the world and they need to be supported in a very different way than you were used to. The Indigo children have prepared many people for this, and as the Crystal and Golden children walk hand in hand, the systems can now finally change once and for all.

Many of these children have donated themselves to science in order to show humanity what the old systems have entailed and we will briefly touch on some of these points. The human body is a miracle. He performs miracles every day. These souls are showing humanity that their inner technology has also evolved and that what was used before can no longer be used and the bodies of many children are rejecting these substances. Inoculations are one of them. It has been shown that vaccinations have side effects, some of which are almost fatal, and the origin of certain forms of cancer has been traced back to vaccines.

As your world got bigger and faster, people turned to fast food. This is also detrimental to the systems of these new children, as their constitution is so sensitive that they cannot tolerate the amount of chemicals and preservatives present in the food products that you adults are capable of consuming.

I would like to add that many of you who have been on your journey for some time now find that your own body is rejecting certain substances that you may have consumed in large amounts before. This is due to the development of the energy systems of your bodies and the energy that accompanies these magnificent souls into your world.

These children should be honoured and should be respected. If you want these children to respect you, you have to show by example. This is the only way to discipline these children. Discipline - as Kuthumi has explained on many occasions - is not synonymous with punishment. It is a lesson. And if you want to teach your child how to value themselves, you have to start by valuing yourself. The boundaries you set must be respected, and you must ensure that the souls for whom you have been appointed as guardians respect those boundaries.

These children will test your boundaries – pushing them to their very limits, because they need to understand who you really are. They can't feel safe with you in their world if they don't know you. So be prepared for that. Be firm. Always be sincere and honest and above all, always be loving in your families. Children need boundaries to develop a strong sense of self. This allows them to explore the world and themselves in a safe environment.

These children are very much in touch with the worlds beyond the one you are in, and they will come with ideas and experiences that will truly stretch your imagination. But please – don't be in such a rush to shut them up. Allow them to share their world with you. Adults are very quick to impose the adult world and experience on children. Adults have become unhappy and withdrawn because they have forgotten the magic of childhood. They have forgotten the reality of a child's world and find themselves trapped in the adult illusion.

When you honour the truth of a child, you begin to honour the truth of your own inner child and your world transforms. It allows you to find a new truth that automatically changes your old so-called reality and you discern the illusion you lived in. And as your truth continues to shift, you move from an illusion into a new reality. This reality then becomes another illusion and you are therefore moving into a new reality. The Golden children are accelerating this process and ushering in new cycles within cycles, so that all may come to rest on the golden altar of truth.

They came to change the medical world; they came to change religion into spirituality; they came to show the world that a new education system is badly needed and that learning your ABCs and your divisions and fractions is not the beginning and the end of everything.

These souls come to teach that you have to live a certain quality of life to reach a certain level of consciousness and that is why you find that these children have learning difficulties. Many of them are also considered dyslexic, or they spell phonetically. The reason is due to the fact that the old educational systems were never balanced. They show a new path through their responses to old systems. It is essential that you honour this.

The fact that they are in a body smaller than yours does not mean, even for a fraction of a second, that they are less intelligent than you. They are still so in touch with their truth that in fact many of them know more than you and they have more earthly wisdom. And they certainly have a lot more soul wisdom – something sorely lacking in this arena. This is not a judgement; it is a fact – due to the systems in which you were brought up. And we celebrate the opportunity for that to change. Put your pride aside and let them show you a new way.

Children are even choosing new ways to be born for their physical body and this has become more common. More and more women want to give birth to their babies at home. More women are insisting on having midwives present during childbirth, using yoga and breathing techniques to ease the pain of labour and childbirth. These facts are all signs that things have already changed and are changing even more.

As the adult consciousness merges with the consciousness of these new children, especially the Crystal and Golden children, you will find that everything is turned upside down, but in very beneficial ways. You will be amazed at how different your world looks when you are standing on your head and you will realise that there are things to see that you have never noticed before. The little child is amused that he managed to put you in your head and observe the world from a new perspective. Or maybe your child will manage to make you run in circles, which will make you so dizzy that you will realise that the world will not stop for you. And while your head is spinning, then comes the new understanding...

The energy that these new children bring comes from Sirius and the great Central Sun. Many of them draw energy from Venus, Andromeda and Cassiopeia. These light energy systems synchronise in the reconstruction of the genetic network of Mother Earth. Just like you, she has a genetic system and as she has chosen to modify her consciousness, so it moves and changes. Sirius energy currently belongs to the realm of dolphins and that is why so many people are drawn to these creatures and more and more children want to connect with dolphins. They recognize the dolphins as their brothers and sisters from the stellar realm that is so familiar to them. By being able to interact with their dolphin family, they are able to build their own energy in a more subtle way. They are also able to access the codings that have been latent until they bond with the dolphins. Also, if your kids ask you to take them to see the dolphins, honour that. If you're inspired to take kids to see dolphins, follow your heart – please. They need it.

Cats, elephants and whales also belong to the Sirius family – of the animal kingdom – to which many children connect. The whole family of cats and the whole family of dolphins and whales are connected. New children are able to communicate telepathically with these creatures and might tell you stories if you listen to them. They will allow the world to reunite with the natural kingdoms of animal, mineral and plant and will re-teach humanity how to live in perfect harmony with the Earth. (…)

Sources: Translated from a channelled message given by Michelle Eloff Johannesburg, July 23, 2003 Michelle is a world renowned and extremely gifted trance voice channel.

Remember, always use your discernment in relation to these texts. You have Free Will, so use it and above all, listen to what your heart tells you; He holds a truth, let it guide you.

In my next article, I will focus on the Indigos, the first waves of helpers as Dolores Cannon used to call them. Before I leave on that, I invite you to what this great talk given by Dr. PMH Atwater, L.H.D.

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