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Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine

The Sacred Feminine and the Divine Masculine: : how to balance two energies in the service of the fulfilment and success of each? The Sacred Feminine and the Divine Masculine are profound energies inscribed in every Being. Regardless of gender, we have these 2 energies. Depending on events, periods, … these energies are more or less balanced. These represent our states of mind, our way of being, our way of understanding life, our essence or our creative force. When these 2 energies are balanced and harmonised, we succeed in our projects and we achieve our results.

On the other hand, when these 2 energies are in disharmony, we can be, either in difficulty of taking action, or in relationships of force or abuse of power, for example. …

The notion of Sacred Feminine and Divine Masculine has its origins when God** was considered masculine. This approach initiated a split between the masculine and the feminine, whose relationships went from equality to subordination. For centuries, the feminine, femininity or feminine energy has been belittled, humiliated, flouted, mistreated, … For its part, the masculine is motivated by its quest for power and control.

In the Hindu tradition, it is called Shakti and Shiva, or Yin and Yang, in traditional Chinese medicine.

Yin (feminine) is defined by: lunar energy, the welcoming, lucidity, listening, harmony, creativity, imagination, letting go, intuition, self-sacrifice; Unconditional love is an introspective, intuitive, healing and sensual force.Yin corresponds to the verb to be.

Yang (Masculine) is defined by: solar energy, action, decision-making, concentration, intellect, authority, responsibility, it is an extrospective force. Yang corresponds to the verb Do.

Representations and characteristics

  • The Divine Masculine, when embodied, demonstrates power in the ability to conceive. It is characterised by protection, sensitivity, love, respect for all forms of life, and justice. It is linked to taking action. It is a question of using one's strength and authority in the service of good and in listening to one's emotions. By fully living one's Divine Masculine, it is possible to change the world. He is no longer in a permanent balance of power with others, when he radiates his being. It allows others to do the same.

The overactive masculine energy corresponds to comparison, a reductive vision of women, a materialistic vision, sex is considered a compulsive and recreational activity, there is no sharing of emotions and feelings, force is used to achieve his ends. The false masculine prevents you from flourishing and succeeding. The fear of the gaze of others is a real obstacle to truly becoming oneself.

  • The incarnation of the Sacred Feminine allows freedom and the full possession of its independence, the understanding and the incarnation of its values, the refusal of competition, the full assurance of its qualities, the release of inner peace, harmony , trust, love and freedom, the tenfold increase in energy (source of healing).

With an overactive feminine energy, the person becomes a victim, especially when acting according to "what pleases". Devaluation is one of the characteristics of the false feminine as well as the search for attention, the denigration of one's inner strengths (attention, love, values, etc.) and does not respect one's personal development.

Few ways to reconnect with your Sacred Feminine:

  • Reconnect to your emotions and welcome them with kindness

  • Listening to the body and feelings

  • Learn to accept your imperfections

  • Anchor yourself in the present moment

  • Focus on yourself

  • Trust in life

  • Learn to respect your limits

  • Self-respect (respect for one’s needs and possibilities)

  • Trust your intuition

  • Receive the other unconditionally

  • Learn the real pleasure of being together without expectations or conditions

Reconnecting to the Sacred Feminine allows you to be in relationship with yourself and with others. This energy allows you to reconnect to your intuition and therefore to move forward with confidence and esteem in your projects. Anchoring in the present moment allows you to be fully in creation.

Few are some ways to reconnect with your Divine Masculine:

  • Detach yourself from the gaze of others

  • Stop comparing yourself to other men

  • Take a new look at women

  • Approach sex differently

  • Respect all forms of life and act gently

Reconnecting to your Divine Masculine allows you to realise your projects. It is the energy that drives action. To realise one's projects, it is necessary to live in reality. The Divine Masculine makes it possible to better live the present moment. This energy allows you to develop the reckless side, the fact of daring and getting out of your comfort zone. The sacred masculine is essential to achieve your wildest dreams.

The characteristics of the masculine-feminine energies duality are just as important to us to exist and connect to what can be beyond us. If we dissociate the two, it seems unlikely that we can make that connection to the beyond.

There are different possibilities to balance these 2 energies:

  • Self-development work

  • Yoga which allows to act on the body and circulate the energies

  • Meditation, which has the advantage of better understanding the mind

  • energy healing to harmonise the sacred feminine and divine masculine

In this short video, a trance healing session to help you navigate the energies during your own awakening. Of course this is just a way to start this specific journey.

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**God, the universe, the great spirit, source, the universe….whatever you want to call it

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