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Iam Sovereign

You all sometimes feel deep within you the vibration of a wonderful, majestic and all-powerful being calling you to awakening. You sometimes hear it whispering words, ideas to you, showing you images that seem so right, so true to you, but that you don't always dare to listen to for lack of self-confidence.

Sometimes, you even think of who you dream of being. This ideal, this best version of yourself through which you see yourself shining, evolving and achieving great things.

Yes, it is indeed your beautiful Presence of light. The one you are in reality, even before you incarnate on this Earth.

Some will have already understood: you are not your body. This personality that you play here below is only a role totally adapted to this physical reality, in order to carry out your life contract.

This "person" is only a pale reflection of who you are. One could even argue that it is the most imperfect version of your true essence. But this does not mean that it should be martyred, despised, or ignored. You chose to incarnate in this "person" because it seemed appropriate to you to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Your true identity is divine. I know for many that is hard to swallow. It's simple: this world leads us to believe it. This world always shows us the worst side of ourselves because this reality mainly harbors chaos, duality, suffering, violence and fear. It is proper to the 3rd dimension.

However, if you took the time to dive regularly into yourselves to listen to your true vibration, you would know who you really are.

So I invite you to do a little exercise that will make your imagination work.

First, ask for help from your light team, your Guides or God, or whatever resonates with you as being right. Ask for precise and authentic lighting.

Start by asking yourself the question: “Who do I really dream to be? What is this marvellous being that I wish to become, to incarnate above all? »

Do not think of a necessarily realistic character, dare to go beyond that, go further, towards the Marvellous. It is there, it is always there that the answer is hidden.

Accept to dive into your imagination…

Afterwards, it is always possible to adapt according to what seems realistic to you. But start by daring to think big! Above all, don't limit yourself. If you do, it means your mind is taking over. However, it is your Soul that must guide you.

Then let yourself be carried away by sudden images, spontaneous feelings, without judgement, without analysing or comparing or evaluating, simply by accepting what presents itself to you as a precious gift. It is possible that you visualise a small scenario, a sequence of life in which you appear, invested with your new “You”. Smile at these images, at the emotions that run through you. Then remember, write down what feels right, obvious, natural, familiar, what makes your heart happy and gives you this feeling of blossoming, of opening wide and in complete confidence. You must feel like a flower blooming under the sun. Yes, that's exactly the feeling! These visions and these feelings must give you wings, force you to recognize that it is this Being that you wish to embody, that he represents the origin of Who You Really Are.


With all my tenderness,


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