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Golden Children

Gold children are highly evolved beings. They carry within them a great wisdom that manifests in the golden hue that borders their aura of incarnation. We do not yet meet them often on Earth because they will theoretically begin to incarnate in the 2020s. Their vibrational frequency begins around 6.6 Hz. These children are beings who pick up everything but do not seem to be disturbed by their sensitivity. Generally, their mere presence is enough to change the atmosphere of a place. They radiate solar energy, luminous and full of comfort. Their energy is associated with that of small Buddhas. This is also the name they are sometimes given. They are contemplative beings, marvelling at all the things they see. It is a bit as if they only see the beautiful in all the manifestations of nature or in the situation that presents itself to them. If you are the parent of a golden child, you could often find him posted in front of a flower, staring and observing. When you ask him what he is doing, he will answer you: “Well, I am looking at the flower! Gold children have a great ability to live in the moment. Their strengths: they know who they are and what they want to do with their lives. They are very determined and their self-confidence is high. Golden children harmonise the spaces in which they find themselves. They are very independent. Their points to improve: they tend to rely only on themselves, refusing the advice of others. They can sometimes be very angry if the sun that lives in them is injured and begins to radiate cold heat. Their tendency to see only beauty in others can play tricks on them in their relationships. They are recharged with: stones such as pyrite or tiger's eye, but also metallic gold. They are sensitive to bees and generally love honey. It is an excellent remedy for them, provided that it comes from organic hives, where the bees are well treated. Being very contemplative, they will be delighted if you take them to beautiful places. They will be able to recharge their batteries fully."

Please note that dates given for the arrival of Golden children are just references. Many metaphysical researchers talk about different dates. The most important are characteristics of these children. You might also like to read my articles on Indigo Children , Crystal children and The New Children

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