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Crystal Children

The Rainbow or Crystal Children In many books you will find a difference between crystal children and rainbow children. Instead of having indigo at the periphery of their aura, these children will have all the colours of the rainbow, like a shimmering crystal. Crystal children are different from indigo children in that they do not need to understand everything. They are here, they capture, they feel, and it passes through them at the level of their physical body. They will therefore have bodily perceptions such as feelings of oppression, pain or conversely softness and well-being. All these perceptions do not pass through the head, nor through the filter of the mind. Crystal children feel, and so it is. The vibrational frequency of these children revolves around 6 to 6.5 Hz. Their seventh chakra is open. They were born from the 2000s. They are generally children of the indigo 3 waves. They carry with them an ethereal energy, as crystalline, which is perceived in their eyes and in the radiance of their complexion, whatever their skin colour. These children are very sensitive to the world around them because they are subtly and permanently connected to their environment. They are suddenly real sponges that capture everything. Extremely empathetic, they will feel the pain of their classmate, the sadness of their teacher, the unresolved bereavement in a family. Because they often have the medium channel open, they perceive deceased human beings or nature spirits. It often happens to see them chatting with an invisible friend or playing with elves in the garden. The crystal children, such as the prism or the rainbow, carry all the colours in their aura of incarnation. Thus, they are in front of all the possible! Choice of profession, life path, everything is open to them. The entire palette is offered to them. This is a great opportunity but also a burden because they suddenly resonate constantly with everything around them. And since they feel that in their body without the mind filtering the information received, they are constantly jostled from one sensation to another. It is very difficult for them to stabilise their aura. There are plenty of advantages to being chameleons when the surrounding universe is pleasant. Conversely, in our current society, capturing everything can become a real source of suffering. If you have a crystal child in your family, it is very important for you as a parent to accompany him in a fair way. You really need to bring them back to themself as often as possible, from an early age. If they let themselves be influenced in class, ask them what they like about the person who influences them. Then encourage them to develop this quality in them. Tell them often: “Yes, I think so, but how is it for you? Thus they will learn to go back and forth between what they perceive and who they really are, and then they will know more easily the difference between what belongs to them, and what comes from others. This is the beginning of self-respect.

Their strengths: they capture everything and seem like real little angels in a family. They are generally very gentle and become perfect confidants. People love them. They immediately show, by their attitude, when something is wrong or the energy of a place is changing. They are real energy barometers! Their points to improve: as they are sensitive to everything, they must learn to centre themselves to distinguish what belongs to them from what belongs to their environment. They must discover how to evolve in society by managing the flow of information they receive. If they manage to put this information at the service of others or their incarnation, the latter will become much lighter for them. They recharge with: rock crystal or moonstone in the stones. Going for a walk in nature, leaning against a tree does them good. By discovering the way to focus on their own sensations, they will gain self-confidence. This will allow them to remain stable, regardless of the weather outside.

Please note that dates given for the arrival of Crystal children are just references. Many researchers talk about different dates. The most important are characteristics of these children. You might also like to read my articles on Indigo Children, Golden Children and The New Children

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