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Coping with Grief

Losing someone you love is a thunderbolt to the heart. The loss leaves a giant vacuum in your life and throws you completely out of balance. Grief overwhelms you. Your mind and physical body are in danger of shutting down. How can you cope? How can you begin to restore your strength, mental clarity and balance in mind and spirit?

I speak as a healing medium. Let me explain. Mediumship provides proof that spiritual life continues after physical death. This is achieved through years of training. Spiritual mediums use thoughts energy to connect with the spirit world. When a lifetime ends the person's spirit ascends. The overwhelming significance is that while a loved one is no longer here they are always with you in spirit. Not only that but they sense your energy and that their love for you is endless. To move on to the second part, the Healing. Spiritual healing conducts energy from spirit. You may have heard of the ˜laying on of hands" when a healer places their hands on the body; channeled healing energy emanates from the palms. Importantly healing can be both mental and physical. If you are crippled with grief healing can calm and centre you, easing your mind and relaxing the body. When a loved one leaves this world, we wonder if we have done enough for them when they were here. There is always time to show your love. All my life, my great gran was always devoted to me with unconditional love. How is it that the pain is still so strong despite the passage of time? In spite of the pain, the privileged bond that united us remains unchanged. I regret that my children, before falling asleep, can not hear her soothing bedtime story. I regret that my children do not know the simple moments she had taught me to enjoy, to help our neighbours, to colour rainbows with scented pencils and to laugh at the miracles of family life. But I know that she is always with us, every moment, showering us with her love. Keep the Candle Burning I remember a recent client who had lost her father. As I sat by her she had a question to ask: "I loved my dad so much; how can I honour him when he is no more? " There are a number of ways to help our loved ones: •Dedicate your good deeds mindfully to your loved one: Whenever you perform a good dead, do it in their name. •Pray: Bring them to mind as you pray. . •Choose a good cause and dedicate yourself to it wholeheartedly: It can be a good thing your loved liked to do and do it now. There are hundreds of other good things you can do, such as assisting children with disabilities. •Light a commemorative candle: You can light the candle several times a year, in addition to the anniversary of their passing. Energy Healing In my emotional healing sessions, together we will help you recover your mental and spiritual balance. Some people worry that if they release the grief, they will also lose the love, good feelings and memories they have for the person. Through my experience, I found that when we explore the grief we experience a positive shift that allows us to see the light and begin to live again.

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