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Ancestral healing: how to heal past trauma though your lineage

"It is in love and consideration for those who have preceded us and those who will succeed us that we must plant the healthy seeds of human relationships"

Ancestral healing is a type of energy healing based on the belief that the actions of ancestors create a kind of energy network that affects the happiness, health, prosperity, and relationships of their descendants. In short, if we have health or money problems today, if we are unhappy because we are not realising our full potential, it may be because of what our ancestors did. Clearing ancestral memories can transform the negative energy created by our ancestors so that it stops blocking our progress.

Ancestral healing uses symbolic acts as a source of healing. It helps the individual to reorganise in him the personal and family esteem that he carries and allows the powerful and magical restoration of the circulation of life between individuals of the same family. Let's explore how it can help us heal.

Faced with a painful situation, if the support to understand it, integrate it and mourn what has been lost has not been done well, the person(s) concerned will be flabbergasted, in the true sense of the term. That is to say, the shock of the situation stuns them, petrifies them, freezes them, even for a brief moment. Their inner light, their joie de vivre, their power remain glued to this moment without ever succeeding in resuming the course of life. In some cultures, we speak of “loss of soul”.

Thus, from trauma to trauma, the family body and its components are deprived of their essence and their vitality. We will fragment over generations, sowing our life energy and the reality seems to gradually darken.

From consideration to transmission

When a person gives life, he cannot give more than what he carries within him. The infant then the toddler up to 18 to 24 months will duplicate the psychic, interior, unconscious structures of the relatives who surround him and take care of him. A sort of telepathy if you will. And so, for example, if mum was raped and dad carries his own father's repressed homosexuality within him, if the uncle is a frustrated musician and the maternal grandmother directs everything and decides of everything for everyone, all this bazaar will register as a memory and epigenetic code bearing the following injunction: “So it is thus that it is good for you to be in the world”.

We can consider that complying with this deaf injunction is a strategy for adapting to life in order to be in the world, to be part of the clan and the family tribe. The difficulties begin when the child, the teenager and then the future adult, constantly repeat incomprehensible situations of limiting and frustrating self-sabotage, like so many obstacles to their development. For example, we could cite repeated failures, the absence of joy and fulfilment in the sexuality of a couple or the psychic collapse following the death of a loved one. This individual does not understand what is happening to him, he suffers and may end up asking to be accompanied in a work of ancestral healing.


In my healing practice, it will not be a question, in order to approach the liberation of the memory of lineages, of judging what has been transmitted. Everything that is wobbly has its reason for being in this balance that is the whole. But where Trance healing and the integration of symbolic acts of reparation find all their effectiveness, it is that these approaches will allow the consultant to bring awareness to this traumatic scene experienced by an elder by bringing the healing elements that should have been applied at the time.

Imagine for example that, having been raped, a mother harbored shame, a deep feeling of humiliation and guilt. This freeze frame that will have been the shock of living this experience will have dispossessed this woman of part of her Light. This is what the primitive tribes paid attention to and sought to restore through sages, healers, shamans and marabouts. For example, we spoke of "soul recovery", the broken balance having to be regained. By revisiting the painful scene, the consultant benefits from a restoration of the emotional charge that was frozen in time, in the sort of a rehydration of self-esteem and self-love.

"Empowerment" of descendants, the gardening of souls

Recovering one's Light, one's power, amounts to rejoining the great current of vital energy which normally flows from generation to generation, without losing consideration of the present moment. The pose of symbolic acts makes it possible to recover the power left from the trauma and to recover one's personal power, the one that allows one to lead one's life as one understands it. It is the awakening, the fulfilment and the reinforcement of the potential of a person or a family group and, thereby, of their power to act.

"Everything we struggle to accept haunts successive generations"

This recovery of vital energy coupled with strong and sincere consideration for what was experienced by his ancestor will lead the person concerned towards the reconquest of his personal history. Another benefit will affect subsequent generations. Indeed, going through the pains of life known by our successive lineages makes it possible to become aware of “what not to do” or “what it would be good not to do anymore”. I am talking here about keeping "shameful" and "unmentionable" situations secret, also called "taboos", of freeing speech on sexuality and death, and of restoring the right to be in one's singularity.

You who read these lines, know million children around the world live or have lived incest in their family. These are sexual relations, whether consented or not, with penetration or not, within the same family, between close or distant relatives and minors of this family group. I also count here the parents of blended families. This is just one example.

Other taboos will relate to theft, neglect, mental illness, crime and imprisonment, substance abuse and addictions, and the list can go on and on. Everything that we struggle to accept, everything that makes us ashamed and that it is difficult for us to talk about, testify or confess haunts successive generations and conveys the vital energy of the family tree.

It is in Love and consideration for those who have preceded us and those who will succeed us that we must plant the healthy seeds of human relationships by restoring the right to be unique, for each member of the family. Let us offer ourselves security, respect, tolerance and benevolence as fertile ground in which to sink the roots of our trees. And let the word be free!

It's time to reconnect with your ancestors and take control of your life!

In this short video, a trance healing session to help you navigate the energies during your own awakening. Of course this is just a way to start this specific journey.

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You can join Cindy's monthly Women Sacred healing circle for deep healing experiences at the Light centre London Belgravia.

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