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About being grounded

“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” ― Oscar Wilde

Grounding is part of my daily life, it contributes greatly to my well-being and that is why I want to tell you a little about it …

In this article, I wanted to talk about energy grounding and the importance of being well grounded, every day. I also tell you how to recognise the moments in which you may lack grounding and finally I share with you some methods of grounding.

What is grounding?

Grounding is to be connected to Earth, it is “to have your feet on Earth”, it is to be good with your body, it is to be well in your earthly incarnation. Grounding allows us to return to the present moment, to be less in the mind, therefore being able face internal and external “storms” more easily.

Energy grounding is linked to the root chakra, the energy centre located in the perineum, at the base of the spine in relation to patience, organisation, stability, material security, the ability to realise your dreams, projects.

Why is it so important to be well rooted?

  • Not to be off with the fairies..

As Pierre Teilhard De Chardin quoted: “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are spiritual beings having a human experience”.

We have chosen to play on this Earth plane, so it is very important to take root, to anchor ourselves to be able to live these experiences as it should be. Indeed , I really insist on this because I meet, on my way, people very open to different things, who live most of the time in a celestial world forgetting why they were incarnated.

The more grounded we are, the more we will be able to live incredible experiences because we will always know how to “come back” when we need to and fully live our connection to Earth and all that it offers. Always think about this balance … be aware, live a variety of experiences but do not forget that our incarnation is important and that it is important to live it in conscience.

  • Feel alive, in harmony with what surrounds us and in its place …

Energy grounding makes you feel good in your body, well in your skin. It regulates, very often, health problems in the lower body (varicose veins, heavy legs, poor blood circulation, joint problem, weakness in the legs …) It allows to be in harmony with everything related to the matter in general. It allows us to feel secure, confident and gives us the strength and stability needed to complete our projects. It also helps to be less in the mind because it favours our place in the present moment, and the present moment is neither in an anxious past or future.

  • Feel stronger in the face of internal or external disturbances …

A powerful tree, high and very rooted, will face multiple storms, for very long years even centuries, remaining in its place. Just like the tree, the stronger and deeper your energy roots are, the less destabilised you will be when external events shake up your interior. You will be able to welcome your emotions more serenely because you will merge less with the emotion by thinking that you are the emotion. You will have distance yourself from it and will only be in the reception of what is happening in you at that moment. You will realise more quickly that the emotion is only a part of you that you welcome at that moment.

Signs of ungrounding?

  • A wandering spirit

  • Repetitive omissions

  • Feel “beside your pumps”

  • Health concerns in the lower body

  • A hyperactive mind

  • Rejection of material things

  • Want to be somewhere else

  • To be often in the past or the future and very little in the present

  • Difficulty recording things to carry out projects

Some grounding practices

  • Creation of energy roots

This is the best known and most used method for grounding.

Sit or stand with your feet flat, your back straight, your eyes closed.

Breathe (2 to 3 deep breaths). Inhale through the nose and exhale through the mouth, gently.

Pay attention to your ankles and the soles of your feet and visualise the roots that start coming out of your ankles, from the soles of your feet to come digging the soil very deeply. These roots are becoming larger and larger and they are sinking deeper and deeper into the Earth.

Help your exhalation to give them an impetus so that they sink even faster into the ground and deeper to reach the centre of the Earth.

Visualise these roots connect to the energy of the centre of Earth, a beautiful red ball in motion. Then, with the help of your inhalations this time, visualise the energy of Earth, red, going up in all your roots, very quickly, and in its way, it reinforces everything.

Raise this energy up to the soles of your feet and let it cross your feet, your ankles, your calves, your shins, your knees, your thighs to the root chakra.

Finally, visualise the red colour, a very bright red like a ruby ​​in the sun, amplify all around your root chakra, cross all the muscles, bones, cells of the lower part of your body and breathe a few moments as well. Open your eyes.

  • The crystal tree

Sit or stand with your feet flat, your back straight, your eyes closed. Breathe (2 to 3 deep breaths). Inhale through the nose and exhale gently through the mouth. Imagine yourself in the middle of a beautiful forest. Nature is lush. A crystal tree, very large and very high, stands right in front of you. Its crystalline trunk half-open a door that invites you to enter inside. Stand inside and feel all the energy of the crystal. Then you feel that crystal roots start to grow from the soles of your feet, intermingling with the tree’s crystal roots that are already very powerful and very deep. You feel like stuck very strongly on the ground. Breathe deeply again by paying attention to these crystal roots and open your eyes.

  • Get grounded with stones

Some stones will promote rooting. These are often stones made of iron. These stones are to be worn on you, in a pocket, for example: Hematite, magnetite, pyrite, bojis, black tourmaline but they are not the only ones to help in anchoring, there are many ‘other.

  • The red beam

For people who have trouble creating energy roots for x reasons, you can use the red light beam.

Sit or stand with your feet flat, your back straight, your eyes closed. Breathe (2 to 3 deep breaths). Inhale through the nose and exhale gently through the mouth. Visualise a beam of red light that starts at the bottom of your spine and goes to the centre of the earth. You create an energy link, like a rope, between you and the centre of the Earth that feeds you with energy throughout the day. Breathe deeply again by paying attention to this red beam of light and then open your eyes.

You can also…

Walk among pine trees, oak trees or rocks, in nature And soak up their energy, their strength …. Grow your roots … Walking barefoot in the grass and daisies or sand … naps on the ground and observe ants or shells … Grow carrots and turnips, remove weeds between carrots … make soups and salads … Soak up the energy Earth, humus, smell that earthy smell … Take baths with sea salt, not cooking salt … Have a feet massage, I can not, it tickles too much … The practice of a sport Move, dance, jump … love life! Say yes to life

Lately I have been using this 5mins meditation before bed and any time during the day that I feel scattered.

In conclusion, you will understand, a daily practice of grounding will bring you a lot of well-being and will help you to live your terrestrial experience more serenely! It will only take a few minutes a day (less than 10 minutes). I invite you to make it one of your priorities to make you feel better every day. Good grounding! Blessings, Cindy.

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