with Trance Medium Cindy Theodore

The Soul Academy mentorship is for you if you are committed to healing yourself, mentally, emotionally & physically and if you want to develop your trance, channelling & intuitive abilities. 

The journey towards developing a greater self love is a common theme throughout Cindy’s work with her clients. Within The Soul Academy, we strengthen and elucidate the brightness of your soul and connect you to your heart. We open the heart of the self and connect it to your own wisdom connection. Regardless of life stage, we strengthen the fractured bonds of love, self acceptance, self care and compassion. These are the fundamental tenants and underlying structure to all healing. Regular sessions build your self-esteem so that you feel more confident to cope with challenges in your life. The Soul Academy mentorship empowers you to be more in control and inspired to make positive changes. Some students describe it as a process of waking up to themselves, to their own power. They feel more connected and aware of their emotions, spirituality and the universal energy around them. When we love ourselves, we love others freely & without attachment.

Your true progress is in the rediscovery, the development of your original skills and the reconnection with the spiritual guiding world within you. It is about reconnecting with the Divine because that is the absolute only reality that is true. And it is also your true home.

We will explore the development process and empower the natural awareness of the relationship between you and the spirit world; engage the altered states of trance for personal and spiritual growth:

  • Trance speaking

  • Trance communication

  • Using all your clair senses

  • Channelling

  • Trance healing etc.....

Trance is the practice of allowing the spirit world to speak through you. The expansion of trance is about understanding that we each have a spirit team who will work with us and who love us dearly.


  • Attend Daily LIVE Classes 

  • Attend Daily trance Healing sessions to boost your transformation

  • Weekly Webinars on connecting with your soul and intuitive potentials

  • Weekly Webinars on CONSCIOUS PARENTING

  • Weekly Transformational Spiritual Life Coaching

  • New Earth Healing™ energy upgrade to your own unique golden light

  • Monthly Practice labs for Integrating your learnings.

  • Bonus: Group Guidance Guide Adam

  • Daily support where I will guide you through the process of integrating the New Earth golden energy into your daily life, to be independent and able to deal with any situation. ---- rebirthing as ONE with the new Earth high energy frequencies.

  • Access to my sacred, yet powerful space, The Golden Earth Community LinkedIn group to connect with other like minded beings across the planet.-

  • Spirit brings together each group so there are common themes and messages between the participants. The Golden energy energy and Spirit-led teaching opens sacred thresholds in consciousness, quantum leaping all participants through their awakening, self embodiment and heart’s rightful path. 

  • Certificate of Completion will be issued upon successful completion of the mentorship program for Yearly members.

  • All sessions (except development circles) are recorded and shared with students via member’s area.


NEW EARTH HEALING 30 minutes 5.30PM EDT/2:30PM PDT/9:30PM UK Time

LIGHT OF MY SOUL  60 minutes 2PM-3PM ADT/11AM-12PM PDT/11:0AM - 12PM Pacific Time /7:00PM - 8:00PM UK Time

CONSCIOUS PARENTING  60 minutes 2PM-3PM ADT/11AM-12PM PDT/11:0AM - 12PM Pacific Time /7:00PM - 8:00PM UK Time

MONTHLY PRACTICE LABS 90 minutes. 11:00AM - 1PM Pacific Time which is 7:00PM - 9:00PM UK Time


Dec 19th 2022 to Jan 2nd 2023

Feb 9th 2023 to Feb 19th 2023

March 31st 2023 to April 16th 2023
May 26th 2023 to June 5th 2023

August 1st 2023 to August 28th 2023 (check calendar for few classes)

The program is rolling so you can join anytime


• THE SOUL ACADEMY is under the sole tutorship and ownership of Cindy Theodore.

• Ongoing participation in the mentorship program will rely upon all payments being received by due dates. Failure to make required payment(s) within one week of the due date will result in forfeiture of your place in the mentorship program.

• No refunds are available for this program. Extenuating circumstances for withdrawing from the program may be taken into consideration for a partial refund or credit on future programs.

• Cindyj & Team reserve the right to withdraw any student from the program not deemed suitable. Payment will be refunded pro-rata and an administration cost of $25 will be applied. 

• Students are required to have internet services, email and a computer or phone that has a camera and preferably access to LinkedIn, even if only for this program.

• All program webinars and private sessions will be facilitated through ZOOM, an online video conferencing service. Zoom is free of charge for all mentorship students attending webinars or teacher private sessions as a guest.

You have to be fully committed to healing yourself, mentally, emotionally & physically. Otherwise The Soul Academy® is not for you.