Get ready for an extraordinary journey with Cindy and her Spirit Guides as they usher you through the high frequencies of the New Golden Earth energy.
The best way to explain it is to experiencing it for yourself!
This Is For You If :
  • Feeling exhausted very quickly

  • Tired of struggling with your emotions, stress or anxiety blocking you in your daily life?

  • You class yourself as an ‘empath,’ certainly the kind that feels overwhelmed by other people’s energy?

  • You class yourself as Highly Sensitive, an Old Soul, an Indigo adult raising a New child

  • You want to have clarity regarding who you are and what your purpose truly is

  • You are overwhelmed by crowded rooms

  • When you work with or on people (as a therapist) do you take client’s traumas home (or colleague’s?)

  • You feel empty, dark, sullen, depressed? Like an invisible force is holding you back.

  • Children’s energy agitates you? Or you feel the need for frequent breaks even from your own children because their energy is so strong.

  • As a parent you face a lack of understanding of your awaken child (indigo, crystal, golden)

  • You are ready to overcome traumas, unlock your true essence & claim your goddess power!

  • You are a woman, survivor of violence against you, of rape, of child sexual abuse...

  • You are looking for changes / breakdowns / endings in relationships / career / health

  • You are an experienced entrepreneurs, therapists, life coaches, who want to overcome blockages, emerging new talents & abilities

  • The current heightened/ascending states of consciousness are hard to integrate into your life

Sacred immersion to release your blockages, understand and integrate the New Golden/Diamond Earth energies into your daily life

What is the New Earth Healing™ method™?

The New Earth Healing™ method is an energy upgrade to the new Earth high frequency energies; it has its origins in mindfulness and energy knowledge. It starts from the principle that the subtle sensations within the body are the key to the liberation and the change that each being is ready to manifest in their life and that everything has a reason for being (relation "cause / consequence" whose " cause” is to be released). It offers a real opportunity for you to dissolve your Old Aura and upgrade your energy field to the new Earth evolution in consciousness that the high frequency Golden children have so that you too can thrive in modern day life.

This aura upgrade is especially useful for parents of the incoming Golden children so that they can fully align their energies together in resonance with the new time energies.

How it Works


When you have the New Earth Healing™, the existing aura and its layers are dissolved, along with trauma, blockages, undesirable thinking, mental chatter and ancestral patterns of behaviour. Once it is dissolved, we integrate the New Time crystalline aura structure which has a much stronger energetic boundary, its protection is amazing for empaths, or people that struggle with other people’s energies and for all kinds of body workers and therapists. If you would like to know more about the new golden aura and how it connects to the Crystal children and Golden children please visit my blog .

Having the New Earth Healing™  is a drastic way of clearing your cellular and energetic memory field of decades of patterning. It is an incredibly transformative individual process which permanently shifts your soul blueprints into the New Earth frequencies.

The New Earth Healing™ method™ allows:
  • The ability to be aware of the "blocked" vibrations and to put them back in motion in order to release them definitively;

  • Reconnection with your true nature in order to manifest your highest potentials.

  • A permanent energetic upgrade of your auric field resulting in a radical realignment of your energetic composition.

  • A permanent clearing of your old time energy field so you can fully embrace your dharma and handle the new energy demands of the new Earth frequencies.

  • The energetic upgrade of your soul’s blueprint to hold and draw in substantial Golden Energy from the Earth as well, resulting in the ability to live in deep authenticity with sharp focus on your spiritual destiny.

  • The release of old wounds and trauma, cleanse stuck emotions and habits that restrain you, and welcome in joyful balance and confidence.

  • Attracting fulfilling relationships, diffusing energy vampires, and feeling complete as you are, without feeling guilty or sacrificing your soul

  • Letting go of what no longer serves you, connect with crystal clarity to your desires, and manifesting an exciting life you love

  • Awakening of your consciousness

  • Being consciously into service to support the foundation and integration of the Golden Age.

  • Taking ownership of your energy field and owning your Sovereignty.

  • Fiercely and unapologetically OWNING YOUR TRUTH!