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Join Cindy and the Collective so you can receive advanced healing and life changing guidance about your current's life journey. 

Are you looking to find out more of who you are and your purpose and mission on planet Earth?
The session include:
  • Trance Channelling: Conversation with Adam, Cindy's main spirit guide and the Collective. During the session Cindy, Adam the Collective are connected with your Higher Self & Spirit Guides.

  • During the session Cindy, Adam the Collective may connect with your deceased loved ones if you desire to. Understanding that your loved ones who have passed on are still very much alive and want to communicate with you. 

  • Quantum Energy Healing & chakra balancing

  • The Collective, Adam & Cindy will start working on your field as soon as you book to prepare you for the session. Afterwards you will receive home tasks + a copy of the recording so you can receive further insights and healing from watching the replay. 

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