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What isTrance Mediumship ‘Trance’ ?

Trance occurs when, through the induction of an altered state of consciousness, we allow the spirit world to ‘capture our attention’ or even place a ‘hold’ on our minds, enabling a closer blending with the spirit world.  The degree of ‘hold’ on the medium’s mind will determine the quality and depth of trance.

Trance is a very refined aspect of mediumship, which influences our spirituality, as well as our messages in mediumship.  The blending of energy between spirit control and medium can be so strong that the medium can lose awareness but does not fall asleep!

 The process of trance occurs when we subdue our conscious minds, slowing down our thinking so that the spirit world can impinge their minds on ours, in order that to establish their presence.  In this state, we can be in touch and at one with minds that influence, educate, uplift and inspire.

 In order to achieve the trance state, we must withdraw our awareness from the ‘here and now’ and move our minds into that aspect of stillness. Then, losing our awareness so we become subdued and passive, the spirit world moves closer and closer to the medium until they come to the fore of the medium’s mind until there is very little awareness/consciousness within the medium.  One’s thoughts become very passive – yes, even detached – almost like one is not thinking at all.  But in that stillness of mind is an inner knowing that, although we are not aware of where we are, the spoken word, or perhaps that an audience is watching us, we are still focused on keeping our minds out of the way.

Trance is MENTAL mediumship, not physical.  That means it’s a process of mind to mind. When we understand how the spirit controls impinge with their thoughts on the mediums’ mind, the greater the co-operation between the medium and spirit, the more control they have   Basically, when you achieve trance it’s because you have got out of the way of your own thinking and allowed a collective mind to blend with yours and take control of your thinking processes.

When the blending between spirit and medium is so close and at-one through many years of co-operation on both sides, then the spirit world almost take over the mind (with the medium’s) consent and the motor control (through the nervous system) can make it possible to move around to show the relationship and trust between medium and spirit.

Trance mediumship comprises a special relationship with the spirit controls that work with us.  This relationship helps us to build a closer rapport and can bring a sharper, more specific and accurate flow of information in all areas of healing, mediumship, philosophy and teaching. (Find out more)


How does Trance mediumship work?


  • Trance communication (also called trance evidential): During a trance consultation, the main guide (also called control) might let a loved one who has passed away to come through to talk to the recipient. The main guide will first give some evidence to the recipient until it is certain that the recipient has recognised the discarnated loved one. Then the main will let them talk directly to the recipient. This is a very refined personal touch. Loved ones  who have not communicated before, or infrequently, will often bring with them a display of the condition that brought about their transition to Spirit. This is a side effect of drawing close to the earth plain and at times it is used as a further 'proof' of identification.
    Note that the act of communication is extremely hard for those in Spirit if they are not trained and acclimatised to it. Some desperately try to speak and become exasperated at their lack of ability, others may not be able to do it at all. It may seem strange, but there are many examples where the very effort and concentration required to initiate communication robs the communicator of thought and they cannot express what they really want to say or seem to forget details. Remember, it is as much of an experiment to them as it is us. 

  • Trance healing
    The difference between trance healing and other healing modalities is the state of consciousness of the healing medium. The more the healer is able to blend with its spirit team the deeper the healing effect. In a trance healing session the healing medium will enter an altered state of consciousness to allow my healing guides to step completely forward to do the healing, rather than just channelling the energy through me.

  • Trance speaking: The Spirit communicator speaks on a particular subject, engages in philosophical or debate. Greater knowledge and wisdom are received through trance speaking. It is not spirits telling you what to do.


About the spirit guides and their medium?

Spirit guides are a nonphysical being assigned to help a soul attain its greatest potential on Earth. They are people who have lived on Earth,  Helper angels, archangels, guardian angels, Your Higher Self, the Universe or Ascended Masters hail from all cultures and spiritual traditions

No matter who you are, where you come from, or what your life looks like, you have spirit guides sending you helpful messages. 

You have a unique team of spirit guides assigned to you. Some have been with you for your entire life, even since before you were born. Others came on your team as you needed them at different times in your life, and you can still use your free will to request more spirit guides still.

Your unique spirit guide “squad” is always sending you advice or clues—like synchronicities, gut instincts, and ideas— the more you act on their guidance the more of it you will receive and recognise. You can learn how to open yourself up to their wisdom, and communicate with the different types of guides at any time.

Spirit guides are mostly like their medium (like attracts like). The medium is the earthly representative of their spirit team, the human being through whom the spirit team transmits healing energies and enlightenment onto this planet for all life. A spirit team consists of many enlightened beings who contribute to the medium soul’s Life Mission.  The medium or 'link' is a willing participant, who through training and familiarity has built up an absolute bond of trust with their Spirit team. When the medium is under control, the guides assume responsibility for not only the communication but the physical functioning and well being of the medium to ensure no harm comes to them.

This is a team effort. Any number may be working Spirit side, but we understand that there are usually those who work with balancing energies that enable the communications to come through, those who attend to the needs of the medium when under control, a door keeper who marshals those who wish to come forward and keep out that which is undesirable and a principle communicator or communicators. The medium is the earth bound link in this team. They are a willing passenger if you like, a sleeper on the train, as events unfold around them.

What to expect in Cindy's sacred healing circles?

The sacred healing circle begins with a quick overview of trance mediumship. Then, trance medium Cindy Theodore will allow her energy and state of consciousness to be altered into a higher vibration. In that state of consciousness Cindy will link to her healing spirit team and act as a channel for the healing energies to flow to each recipient; each receiving the healing energy that they need at this time in their life. Following the healing session, Cindy’s spirits friends will then address the audience on a particular subject, provide divine messages and guidance to each attendees who will be able to ask 2 questions. Note that Cindy’s spirit friends may wish to bring forth loved ones who have passed over.


Remember mediumship is not about predicting the future but about helping people. This work is not intended to substitute for professional medical or counselling advice. If you suffer from a physical or mental illness, please always seek professional help.

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