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Custom Healing Recording

A custom made energy healing video created just for you!

Divine Healing

A custom energy healing video designed, sequenced and filmed just for you, to address your particular needs, is the next best thing to having a private one-on-one healing session with me. It is the opportunity for people to order a custom energy healing video- like the ones on my YouTube channel

Your custom made energy healing video is created just for you!

We know that life’s stress factors can contribute to 80-90 percent of physical issues. It’s important to treat the cause of physical problems, not just the symptoms. In this Medical Intuitive Reading, I look at physical symptoms from a body-mind-spirit perspective. In doing so, I hope to help you identify areas in your life that might be causing you discomfort, so you can take steps to address these issues and heal.

This custom energy healing include

  • 30 mins custom healing meditation video

  • A written medical intuitive assessment,  reviewing your body’s physical systems and symptoms, reviewing your body’s energy systems for where you might be losing power and pointing out potentially stressful areas in your life that may be causing your physical symptoms


The goal of the written medical intuitive assessment is to uncover fears, emotional stresses, insecurities, and personal traumas that might make healing difficult or diagnosis challenging.


After purchasing your custom healing video, I will email you a pre-session form within 48 hours regarding your custom request. (Do make sure to check spam folders and expect the email to come to the email address that you included in the payment section .)

It can take up to a week for the video and  the written medical intuitive assessment to be ready. You will be given a private link (via Vimeo) once your custom order is available. The recording will be deleted after one week, so please download it as soon as possible. You can then play the recording at any time over your computer or phone.

Your custom made energy healing video is created just for you!

Set up a regular healing practice in the comfort and privacy of your living room. With your custom video you can practice daily or weekly and chart your progress.

When you’re ready for a follow-up video, we’ll go through the process above to examine and address any changes in ability level or wellness goals.


I do not prescribe remedies but I will provide you with guidance and resources to help you move you forward, so you can take action to heal yourself. Healing is not passive. It is active. You must take action to heal. Ultimately, your healing decisions and actions are your sole and legal responsibility.

All correspondence and recordings will be kept strictly confidential. Likewise, any correspondence and recordings are for your personal use only; they may not be publicly shared or posted on any public or social media site.


I am a Trance medium and healing medium but I am not a physician, psychologist, psychiatrist, or nurse. None of my services are meant to replace medical or psychological diagnosis and treatment. Remember, too, that no medical intuition is 100% accurate. Even physicians with expensive diagnostic tests are never 100% accurate. Medical

Intuitive Readings are for your enlightenment and personal healing only.

Please note, I won’t answer questions on behalf of others. Once you have sent back the pre-session form, my time and energy will be set aside to produce your custom healing video. I won’t accept returns, exchanges or cancellations. But please contact me if you have any problems with your order.

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