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1:1 Session: Private Trance Channeling with Cindy & the Collective
Connection with your baby, child and teenager' soul.
Receive information he/she carries in her/his cells that causes the troubles she/he is experiencing

Mentorship for..

Integrating Spiritual Dimension in children's education

Living Consciously with Yourself and Your Child

Communicate Soul to Soul

Accompany your child towards Self-knowledge

  • Do you feel feel the need for frequent breaks even from your own children because their energy is so strong?

  • Do you feel Children’s energy agitates you?

  • Have you noticed that the same patterns continue repeating in your life? Are you ready let go of family trauma & suffering to interrupt transmission to future generations?

This powerful session will help you:

🪷 Heal Your Inner Child, Embody What You Want For Your Child

  • Free yourself from educational and family beliefs, from morality to trust yourself

  • Become aware of yourself, of your inner workings

  • Develop a correct and lucid posture to be emotionally agile with your child

  • Grow in Love for yourself and reconnect with your parenting potential


🪷 The Keys to Accompany your Child to Self-Knowledge

  • Acquire simple and effective inner keys to help the child get to know himself

  • Develop his discernment, his thought, his intuition, his autonomy of being

  • Accompany him with concrete tools so that the child stays in touch with his soul

  • Learn to take care of what he is and not what he does


🪷 Develop Your Intuition, Communicate from Soul to Soul

  • Connect to your heart, your soul,

  • Learn to listen to yourself to listen to others

  • Connected communication

  • Give energy care to children and therapeutic meditations

to accompany the child in his daily life

🪷 Get a home task guide from Cindy so you can take aligned action once the session is finished to ensure the session's results are long term. 

🪷 Access to session recording so you can receive further insights and wisdom from watching the replay.

🪷Please note, depending on your goals and where you're at in your journey more than one session may be needed.


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