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Creating a place of love, of accuracy and harmony
where everyone finds his place and realise what it is 


Mentorship for..

Integrating Spiritual Dimension in children's education

Living Consciously with Yourself and Your Child

Communicate Soul to Soul

Accompany your child towards Self-knowledge

Mentorship for..

Integrating Spiritual Dimension in children's education

Living Consciously with Yourself and Your Child

Communicate Soul to Soul

Accompany your child towards Self-knowledge

  • Do you feel feel the need for frequent breaks even from your own children because their energy is so strong?

  • Do you feel Children’s energy agitates you?

  • Have you noticed that the same patterns continue repeating in your life? Are you ready let go of family trauma & suffering to interrupt transmission to future generations?


Heal Your Inner Child, Embody What You Want For Your Child

Free yourself from educational and family beliefs, from morality to trust yourself

Become aware of yourself, of your inner workings

Develop a correct and lucid posture to be emotionally agile with your child

Grow in Love for yourself and reconnect with your parenting potential



The Keys to Accompany your Child to Self-Knowledge

Acquire simple and effective inner keys to help the child get to know himself

Develop his discernment, his thought, his intuition, his autonomy of being

Accompany him with concrete tools so that the child stays in touch with his soul

Learn to take care of what he is and not what he does



Develop Your Intuition, Communicate from Soul to Soul

Connect to your heart, your soul,

Learn to listen to yourself to listen to others

Connected communication

Give energy care to children and therapeutic meditations

to accompany the child in his daily life



Since my childhood, I have always been challenged by the behavior of adults towards children. I had the feeling that we did not live in the same world or should I rather say in the same consciousness of the world.

I was a child who felt everything intensely, who captured all the emotions, the unspoken words in the air, who also saw “the monsters” that children naturally talk about. But I couldn't tell anyone…not even my own parents.

I had the feeling of not being recognized in my truth, of not really being listened to...

Especially since I had to meet the expectations of my family, which was in total contradiction with my inner world and my vision of life.

Shy Child


A child fits into a mould to be loved by his parents!

And it is later that he will learn to deconstruct it, to unlearn to find what he was looking for:


We are told today about hyperactive, hypersensitive children, too much like this or not enough like that...

But in my opinion, the child is not the problem.




In the US,

I mean the environment we offer them as future parents, parents, educators, carers,

they are our beliefs, our impossibilities, our fears, our lack of time, meaning, listening and depth.

We reproduce family patterns because we have not healed and overcome them.

We lack awareness because we do not know ourselves intimately, subtly.

We want children to be fulfilled when we ourselves are not.

We are constantly at our wit's end so we can't really listen to ourselves anymore

We think that our family, our children are an escape from our ill-being

personal where we can discharge ourselves emotionally.

We lack confidence so we continually think we're doing wrong

and failing to live up to our role as parents and companions.

  • Lack of self-confidence, doubt and perpetual judgments

  • Loss of joy and pleasure

  • Emotional crises (anger, screams) and balance of power

  • Feeling of always having to do more and better without results, guilt

  • Reproduction of family patterns

  • Exhaustion, tension, nervousness, fatigue

  • Lack of time, attention, listening and patience

  • Communication problems with my child (can't express clearly what I feel and get in touch with him, blackmail)

  • Deep feeling of loneliness, frustration

  • Feeling on edge, feeling like you've tried everything

Happy Family

However… children have chosen us, they are waiting for us, pushing us to change because we are their beacon!

It is up to us to accompany them to be who they are, to reveal their unique potential.

Because, when he is born, a child is ready to become everything, to transform everything, to learn everything.

Are you ready to embark on this adventure to the heart of your inner child to connect with your heart and that of your children?


Embody The New Parent You Dream Of Being!

Sowing Seeds of Consciousness in the Hearts of Children!

For Yourselves
  • For those who wish to lead workshops "I am a star and you too" for children,

  • Heal your inner child, make peace with your past and connect with your soul,

  • Embody the new posture of the parent of the new world,

  • Respectfully accompany the child in his daily life and give him keys to create a life that will make him happy,

  • Refocus on the essentials, let go of the rest, let go of the guilt,

  • Get to know yourself intimately so that you no longer react but act in accordance with your heart,

  • Learn to nourish your heart on a daily basis, give yourself time, take care of yourself to give the best of yourself,

  • Detach yourself from the gaze and judgment of others,

  • Being able to find calm and inner peace in the face of everyday hassles,

  • To flourish with their children and their spouse and to savor quality moments,

  • Rediscover family harmony and develop more complicity with your child,

  • Learn to love yourself, to love life and trust its magic,

  • Integrate a community of fulfilled parents who work to offer another possibility to those who will make the world of tomorrow,

For Your Child
  • Getting to know himself and knowing what makes him happy,

  • Develop your notion of "knowing how to be" in order to know how to "do", draw from yourself the best and develop self-confidence,

  • Question the world and develop his thought, his discernment,

  • Develop your creative capacity and become an actor of your thoughts, words and choices, be autonomous,

  • Develop a conscious and benevolent vision of oneself and others,

  • Accompany the emotional states of his child, understand them, transform them and love himself,

  • Learn to listen to your heart, listen to yourself and know what is "right" for you, dare to express it,

  • Soul-to-soul communication techniques (connected communication),

  • Give energy care to soothe his child on his physical and emotional ailments,

  • Relaxation techniques and tools, meditate while playing with your child,

  • Therapeutic techniques and tools to support the child in his life issues,

  • Techniques and tools for emotional release,

Family Praying
What Students Say About New Earth Healing Program
“I started attending Cindy's sessions back in April 2020 and this has changed my life. I cannot thank her enough for all her services to the people.
I have attended trance healing consultations, the monthly women circle at the Light Center, Reiki training and I will continue attending many more. She has taught me so much to help elevating me from a spiritual perspective.
I also receive weekly healing from Cindy and her guides and this has been so far an amazing experience. Her energy, personality, devotion to help and support others are unique. I look forward to every session."
Kaina, Mum of 2, Analyst, UK

Alexa Young, CA

🪷 Conscious parenting is not a pedagogical method to be applied but an art of living,

the art of living in consciousness with oneself and with one's child and embodying the new role of parent so that a new consciousness is embodied.

🪷 This coaching is aimed at future parents, parents, grandparents, educators, animators,
teachers who wish to speak to the conscience of children, offer them another way of life,

and perceive the world around them. It is open and accessible to all adults,

it does not require a specific diploma or training, nor any prerequisites.

🪷 Get a home task guide from Cindy so you can take aligned action once the session is finished to ensure the session's results are long term. 

🪷 Access to session recording so you can receive further insights and wisdom from watching the replay.

🪷 Please note, depending on your goals and where you're at in your journey more than one session may be needed.

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