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9 Chakra Activation Bundle

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Experience powerful elemental healing that will shift your energy and rise your vibration in a way you will be able to feel lighter, more balanced and in tune with yourself on all levels. Experience chakra alignment through vibration of sound and Light Language which travels deeply through every cell of your body. Allow yourself to be held, to heal and expand your awareness to the wisdom of light. In this self-study material & powerful Light Language Activation you will align, balance, and synchronise all of your chakras for enhanced energy flow and circulation. When our chakras are blocked, or become out of alignment from too many thoughts, emotions, or life experiences in general, we can manifest energy blocks in our physical bodies and physical realities as everything is energy and everything is interconnected. This activation unblocks, re-calibrates, clear emotional issue/blockages found in your aura field and aligns all chakras. If you are feeling a blockage in any chakra or if you feel out of alignment inside (or notice a misalignment in the reality around you) listen to these recording for Balance and Sync All Chakras. This is a 10 recordings program. All lessons are already available. NO live lessons You will have lifetime access to all recordings and any future additions

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