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Sessions are available online via Zoom or in person at the Light Center Belgravia

Prices are in British pounds, please check your currency exchange.
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Planet and Moon


1:1 Session: Private Trance Channeling with Cindy & the Collective

Planet and Moon


1:1 Session: Trance Healing & Light Language Transmission  for an upgrade to the New Earth high frequency energies, to remove unconscious blocks and limiting patterns, programs and beliefs. Activation of your chakra system, emotional body, cellular body, and mental body, transforming ancestral patterns, limiting belief systems....
So you can create more wealth, improve your health, have healthier relationships and quantum shift into soul aligned realities.

Planet and Moon

Reiki + Intuitive Guidance

1:1 Session: Private Reiki session, with Cindy

Combining Reiki healing energy and intuitive medical skills.

Planet and Moon


3 months work with Cindy to overcome unconscious limitations so you can follow your soul’s calling, activate your channel and intuition on a deeper level, improve wellbeing, cultivate healthier dynamics in your relationships and create more wealth and freedom.

Are you feeling the Call?

For parents wishing to connect with your baby, child and teenager' soul.

Receive information he/she carries in her/his cells that causes the troubles she/he is experiencing with our Conscious Parenting session


If you are interested in reconnecting and understanding that your loved ones who have passed on are still very much alive and want to communicate with you, you can find out more in the Evidential reading.


For help with connecting with your baby when struggling with infertility, loss of a child (miscarriage, still birth, abortion), wanting to adopt or planning to conceive. Baby Spirit Communication  can offer a deep sense of healing and connection with your baby on the other side.

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