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"Most women are currently asleep, they need to wake up and get up. It is one of the most urgent needs of our time". Amma

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Welcome to my website!

Trance medium by training, specialist in energy work and soul matters supporting clients of all ages, I very quickly wondered about the origin of the ailments, illnesses and difficulties encountered on a daily basis.

Trained in mindfulness and then in different energy approaches, but above all strong from my personal experience with thousands of clients, from "challenges" successfully identified in my personal daily life and from an expansion of my senses, I created New Earth Healing™.

New Earth Healing™ supports your innate mechanism of self-healing and helps the alignment of your Higher Self, soul, and body into the Golden New Earth frequencies. The New Earth Golden energy opens sacred thresholds in consciousness, helping you draw in your higher self into your body, quantum leaping all participants through their awakening.

New Earth Healing™ group sessions will activate your chakra system, emotional body, cellular body, and mental body, transforming ancestral patterns, limiting belief systems.

New Earth Healing™ is a perfect introduction to my work in conjonction with helping awakened children.

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