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Is your child different than a typical child their age?

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Cindy is true inspiration and an exceptional trance medium. I was not entirely sure what to expect but her and her guides did not disappoint. I was blown away by her insights; her spirit guide(s) just kept on coming with the insights and validations. They knew things that only I could have known. It was such an invaluable session and hear from a loved one who is in spirit was an added bonus. The information flowed; the time passed so quickly, I wanted to book another session and keep listening. Left the reading feeling uplifted, calm, clarity on a few fronts, supported and knowing that spirit has my back. I have signed up for her classes and will be booking a healing session with her in the future.

- Ingrid W

"J’ai récemment vu Cindy pour une session de trance consultation à distance, via zoom. Ce fut une expérience nouvelle et extraordinaire pour moi. J’avais de nombreux questionnements avant la séance. Les réponses d’Adam sont pleine de sagesse et de bienveillance, et m'ont redonné confiance pour avancer. L’énergie reçue pendant cette session était très intense et rayonnée d’amour. Je l’ai d’ailleurs encore ressentie plusieurs heures après. J’ai eu la chance de recevoir « une visite », c’était Magnifique et très émouvant. Cindy est une belle personne, elle est très sympathique et met en confiance tout de suite. C’est une jolie rencontre."

- Marine C

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Meet Cindy

Certified Intuitive Coach & Soul Expert

Trance medium by training, specialist in energy work and soul matters supporting clients of all ages, I very quickly wondered about the origin of the ailments, illnesses and difficulties encountered on a daily basis.

Trained in mindfulness and then in different energy approaches, but above all strong from my personal experience with thousands of clients, from "challenges" successfully identified in my personal daily life and from an expansion of my senses, I created New Earth Healing™.

New Earth Healing™ supports your innate mechanism of self-healing and helps the alignment of your Higher Self, soul, and body into the Golden New Earth frequencies. The New Earth Golden energy opens sacred thresholds in consciousness, helping you draw in your higher self into your body, quantum leaping all participants through their awakening.

New Earth Healing™ group sessions will activate your chakra system, emotional body, cellular body, and mental body, transforming ancestral patterns, limiting belief systems.

New Earth Healing™ is a perfect introduction to my work in conjonction with helping awakened children.

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